Is your current AI system delivering on its promises of 100% automation, continuous self-learning, and substantial gains

True AI, with its ability to achieve complete automation, deep learning, and accurate forecasting, is often considered the ultimate objective in the field. However, is this comprehensive technology a reality or still confined to Science Fiction? Our organization has extensively delved into this matter over the past decade, addressing various business analytics challenges across retail, technology, CPG, and banking sectors. However, this is where we excel as a Dubai-based company, a leading multinational corporation (MNC).

The ability to distinguish genuine advancements from exaggerated claims remains a significant hurdle for many organizations. Despite the promise of transformative outcomes, numerous ,Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning projects encounter brief and costly lifespans due to several key factors:

Data Collection

Do you possess a robust data collection infrastructure capable of capturing sufficient and reliable data? The lack of sophisticated data collection capabilities often undermines the foundation of AI initiatives.

Data Integration

Is your tracking system real-time and seamlessly integrated with existing systems? Ensuring seamless integration is crucial for maximizing the effectiveness of AI solutions.

Identifying Priorities

Determining the appropriate mandate and establishing business priorities are vital steps toward constructing an actionable roadmap that yields progressive and repeatable gains. How do you identify the areas that require AI implementation the most?

Adaptability and Scalability

How quickly is your AI solution learning and adapting to new information? Learning at the desired pace is critical for staying relevant in a rapidly evolving landscape.

ROI Calculation

Measuring AI programs’ Return on Investment (ROI) poses a significant challenge. How can you accurately evaluate the economic benefits generated by AI initiatives?

Resource Management

Do you have the necessary skills and expertise to effectively manage your AI solution? Having the right resources and skill set is crucial for optimizing the potential of AI technologies..

The Decipher Technology Approach: Empowering Successful AI Adoption

As a Dubai-based multinational company, we understand that successful AI adoption is the key to unlocking its potential for organizations. We aim to simplify establishing a strong foundation and keeping up with emerging innovations that drive business outcomes.

AI Journey Assessment

Our AI readiness report will give you valuable insights into your organization's current analytics sophistication. This assessment provides a comprehensive score, highlighting where you stand and guiding you on the necessary steps to stay competitive.

AI Implementation Strategy

Develop a winning AI strategy by identifying the most suitable use cases for AI and ML adoption. We help you select use cases that deliver quick wins in the short term and ensure long-term success.

Algorithm Library and Benchmarks

Accelerate AI and ML implementation by leveraging our extensive pre-built, industry-specific AI and ML algorithms library. These tried-and-tested algorithms are ready for deployment, saving you time and effort.

Our approach to achieving successful AI adoption revolves around six fundamental elements:

Test, Learn, & Improve

Make continuous improvement in business outcomes and analytics maturity the cornerstone of your enterprise analytics strategy. We guide you in implementing a culture of testing, learning, and improving, ensuring ongoing advancements.

AI Ecosystem

Leverage our Decipher’s AI Ecosystem, which comprises experienced AI/ML practitioners. Collaborate with our proven experts to accelerate AI implementation and avoid disruptions caused by a shortage of skilled resources.

AI Lab and Platform Partnerships

AI Lab and Platform Partnerships: Save valuable time and effort by utilizing our partnerships with leading innovation labs and technology providers. These partnerships provide access to cutting-edge AI lab facilities and robust platforms, streamlining your AI journey.

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